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, loved Barbie and Adam, talk about perfect for each other, he was commanding but not in an arseholy way and Barbie was strong willed but not in a bitchy way, they played off each other really well.

Lovely to hear from the Lori, Ali, Ghost and Matt who feature heavily in this story and Ghost bless him who brings much light relief.

He records Tom Tucker and Mayor Adam West, but when he tries to record Ollie Williams, Ollie breaks his camera lens and glasses. His boss, Angela found him very attractive and started harassing him.

Eventually, she demanded that he visits her home, threatening to fire him if he refuses.

He and Quagmire developed a plan: Peter will hide Quagmire in his pants, and then he will have sex with Angela, instead of Peter.

However, Glenn finds Angela repulsive and runs away.

I like AV stories, I always love the sense of humour that threads through her dialogue and the story-line.

I always, always love her Heroes, but her heroines are ok. I guess the history that she had with Adam was the reason for her being so prickly but it was clear that she had done something really awful in the past so her apology was way past due. Season: 8 Episode: 14 Total Episode Count: 140 7ACX16 First Aired: March 21, 2010 Guest Starring: Carrie Fisher, Richard Dreyfuss, Harvey Levin, Max Hodges Featuring: Peter Griffin, Angela Also Appearing: Stewie Griffin, Chris Griffin, Meg Griffin, Lois Griffin, Brian Griffin, Quagmire, Joe Swanson, Mort Goldman, Mayor Adam West, Tom Tucker, Ollie Williams, Horace, Jared, "The Guy in the White Hat" Griffin, Richard Dreyfuss, Rene Russo, Robert Mitchum, Harvey Levin, Max Hodges, Ron, Paul Uncensored version: Rubik, the Amazing Cube Musical Numbers: Terri Schiavo: The Musical Director: Julius Wu Assistant Director: John Banh Writers: Chris Sheridan Storyboarders: Steve Fonti, Jeff Stewart Plot: Peter and Lois go to watch Stewie's first musical and record it on camera. He sent the tape to TV and got paid for it, so he decided to become full-time paparazzo.In this story, also I felt Adam was the star, he overshadowed Barbie by a mile because Barbie never really did anything.Everything was done to and for her, otherwise she was too one dimensional for me to care about one way or another.“We have to own up to the fact that women, since time immemorial, have gone out of their way to make themselves attractive.