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Queensland Xtra Large 470 UBD: This is an extra large Queensland 470 State map and has detailed coverage of Queensland with a Towns and Localities index.

From those suburbs it sounds like you are very comfortable with living in the burbs and all of those suburbs are quiet "idyllic" with either greenery or water. So beautiful- but may as well be it's own separate city.Ferny hills Ian the only suburb you've listed in a train line (perk!Brisbane 6 Sheet (1 Sheet option) A Single Sheet of the Brisbane Map Scale ,000Size 1010 x 705mm Choose any ONE of six sheets making up the Brisbane 6 sheet map. Also includes an index to the suburbs and localities. Brisbane Suburban Large UBD; Size 1020 x 1480 mm Large Brisbane Suburban 462 Map shows all suburbs, main & secondary roads with names and small street linework.Also includes an index to the suburbs and localities.Brisbane 6 Sheet 6 Sheet Metropolitan map covering the entire Brisbane Metropolitan Area Scale ,000Size 2000 x 2060mm The new 16th edition is completely updated and includes the Clem7 Motorway, the Airport Link Motorway, and outlines Legacy Way (currently under construction) 19.

Brisbane 6 Sheet (4 Sheet option) 4 Sheet Metropolitan map with fulll street detail, Scale ,000 Customise your map by choosing which part of Brisbane you want to focus on Refer to key map to determine coverage; Size 2000 x 1400mm 23. Brisbane Suburban UBD; Scale 0,000Size 690 x 1000 mm Brisbane Suburban 462 shows all suburbs, main & secondary roads with names and small street linework.

However if we lived near the bayside would we be subject to mosquito heaven or would we better living near the sea breezes compared to humidity of the west?

(I think I have read up on that right but please correct me if I am wrong.) So sort of a subjective question I know, but I am so stuck so thought some of you lovely people might be able to offer some suggestions. DH is an industrial spray painter so he won’t work in the CBD.

We currently live in the Box Hill vicinity and i really love this area for its close proximinity to everything, but our house is a typical cream brick shoebox (for anyone familiar with the area).

For the past 8 months I’ve been studying the Brisways and Google and au etc and figured that the areas of Kenmore Hills through to Ferny Hills or around Manly West would be nice.

In terms of costs of a house, I would really like a pool! I’d like to be involved in the kids schooling and extra-curricular activities which I don’t do currently as I finish work at 6pm.