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Sage 300 is developed and marketed for small to medium-sized business.The median employee count for organizations considering Sage 300 is 20.

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To meet the needs of organizations with multinational operations, Sage 300 offers multi-currency and multi-language capabilities.

Integration with other Sage products allows the Sage 300 solution to be expanded to support CRM, HRMS, time tracking, advanced business intelligence, and payment processing requirements. The price of Sage 300 depends on a variety of factors including required functionality (feature bundle selection), user count, implementation and support needs, promotion eligibility, and vendor pricing.

The median estimated spending range for buyers considering Sage 300 is ,000.

Additionally, 77% of Sage 300 reviewers report a maximum total estimated spending range for 3 years total cost of ownership in the tens of thousands of dollars range.

For new customers, Sage 300 is licensed only on a subscription basis via the Sage 300c offering.

At present, existing Sage 300 customers can still purchase the Sage 300 2017 version, rather than licensing the software on a subscription basis.The web screen capabilities of Sage 300c allow for anywhere, anytime cloud software access.Sage 300c can be deployed on an internal web server or hosted by a 3rd party hosting provider.Customized Sage 300 pricing is available upon request and more Sage 300 pricing info can be found below.There are multiple licensing models available for Sage 300.Subscribing to Sage Business Care provides software version updates, knowledge base access, chat support, phone support, and additional assistance.