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Latticinio Swirls are the most common type of hand made glass marble.

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Now and then the strands will be divided, typically into three different sets.

The color of the core is white, yellow, orange, red, green, and blue, in increasing order of rarity.

Latticinio Swirls possess cores comprised of colored strands that are usually twisted into a lattice-shaped appearance.

Sometimes there is little twist to the marble and the strands will be rather straight.

Divided Core Swirls have, as the name indicated, a core comprised of separated bands.

There will be at least three and as many as six bands.

However, most have such an outer layer and this almost always consists of either single colored strands or multicolored bands.

The bands are most often of two different color schemes, alternating with one another (four and six bands are the rule though exceptions can occur), while the strands occur in sets, usually four, and may have two to five or more strands in each set.

For a much more thorough description of the history of hand made glass marbles, please visit my History of Glass Making in Lauscha, Germany page.

Transparent Swirls can be found in size from 7/16" to well over two inches, though some are more restricted in their size range. Several factors can increase the collectibility and therefore the value of Transparent Swirls.

Another factor that may positively affect the value of a Transparent Swirl is if it is from the end or beginning of the cane.