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Never was there such a concentration of information.

He was primarily a great mining engineer and authority on metallurgy.

The History of Spiritualism by Arthur Conan Doyle, M. Just before going to press a book has appeared by Campbell-Holms which is a very useful compendium of psychic facts, as its title, ."The Facts of Psychic Science and Philosophy," implies, but here again it cannot claim to be a connected history.

When the first rays of the rising sun of spiritual knowledge fell upon the earth they illuminated the greatest and highest human mind before they shed their light on lesser men.That mountain peak of mentality was this great religious reformer and clairvoyant medium, as little understood by his own followers as ever the Christ has been.With such a mind it is natural enough that he should be struck by the evidence for extra-mundane powers which comes in the way of every thoughtful man, but what is not natural is that he should himself be the medium for such powers.There is a sense in which his mentality was actually detrimental and vitiated his results, and there was another in which it was to the highest degree useful. It was first published in two volumes by Cassell & Co., Ltd., London, New York, Toronto and Melbourne, and George H. Finally — and best of all — there is "Man's Survival After Death," by the Rev. Tweedale ; but this is rather a very fine connected exposition of the truth of the cult than a deliberate consecutive history.

Source : The History of Spiritualism Vol.1 (1926, Cassell & Co., Ltd. Emma Hardinge Britten, but these deal only with phases, though they are exceedingly valuable.

It is true that my time *as in any case dedicated to it, but the literature is vast, and there were many aspects of the movement which claimed my attention.

Under these circumstances I claimed and obtained the loyal assistance of Mr. Leslie Curnow, whose knowledge of the subject and whose industry have proved to be invaluable.

The object of this study is not to treat the man as a whole, but to endeavour to place him in the general scheme of psychic unfolding treated in this work, from which his own Church in its narrowness would withhold him.

Swedenborg was a contradiction in some ways to our psychic generalizations, for it has been the habit to say that great intellect stands in the way of personal psychic experience.

But as an invasion might well be preceded by the appearance of pioneers who search out the land, so the spirit influx of recent years was heralded by a number of incidents which might well be traced to the Middle Ages or beyond them.