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This movie is based on the medieval legend of Pope Joan, who was made Pope for a brief period around 855 A. Although it is questionable that Pope Joan really did exist, this movie presents her existence as fact, and portrays her relationships with other notables of the time.The original plan was to shoot on location in Italy but this proved too expensive so the film was made at Bray Studios outside London, home to the Hammer horror movies. Shooting in Romania proved to be rather difficult, given that there was hardly anything of a native film industry and also because the country was very tightly controlled by the Communist regime.

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After her death, she was buried in Ostia, where her son held the office of bishop.As the primary written sources themselves indicate a certain amount of doubt regarding the story of Pope Joan, it is possible that the story is but an urban legend.On top of that, some have claimed that this story was added to the chronicle after Martinus’ death, indicating that the chronicler had nothing to do with this tale.From Martinus onwards, the story of Pope Joan became more and more elaborate.Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City, seven sculptures showing a woman’s facial expression whilst going into labour can be found. Some have interpreted this as that Pope Joan giving birth.

Yet, there are numerous other possible interpretations of this scene that are conveniently ignored.In addition to naming this pope, Martinus also provides details such as her nationality (English), place of birth (Mainz), as well as her pontificate (after Leo IV’s death in A. 855), and the length of her reign (two years, seven months and four days).Although Martinus reveals little about his sources, there is a tone of uncertainty in his writing, revealing that like his predecessors, he is also unclear about the verity of this tale.Unlike other earlier accounts, Martinus provides a vivid account of the female pope’s life.As a matter of fact, it is here that the name Joan first appears in writing.- Repelis peliculas online gratis Pelis24- pelis 24 Peliculas Online HD free en pelis24 - peliculas flv gratis online - ver peliculasid gratis en castellano Peelink2- cine en linea por peelink2 - allpeliculas, all hd online en español - daddy peliculas, películas para descargar - you pelicula web, peliculas en youtube - rec pelis, películas completas para ver Peliculas21- peliculas 21, películas grabadas en español - peliculas go, buscar peliculas para descargar - como puedo ver peliculas - ver gratis peliculas latino - ver cine free online - pelis completas en español - buscar peliculas gratis - ver peliculas online gratis 2015 - Primero peliculas, youtube cineen espanol - nuevas peliculas recientes - peliculas méxico, cine online español - Peliculas audio latino, cine gratis 2015 estrenos - online tv cine gratis - Ciber DVD, ver movies online - Peliculas Online peliculas completas gratis - cuevana gratis, cuevana online latino - cine online español Pelis365- pelis 365 online gratis sin cortes - pelis com descargar pelis gratis - loco peliculas ver pelis online gratis - Peliculas Online y estrenos gratis 7Peliculas.