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He can build homes, churches and buildings, and with the knowledge of this simple ratio..can begin digging on opposite sides of a mountain and dig a straight tunnel through the center of it..meets exactly at the center! He can navigate the oceans and be able to locate himself in the middle of the water (with no land in sight)...

Mr William Say was labelled 'Wit and Inventor of our time' by photographer Bill Brant and the image below is used in his exhibitions.

With patent applications dating back pre 1930, William Say's first success came with the invention of a pressed metal closure which was used to seal the wooden tea chests as they passed through London docks in the city's then booming tea trade.

Thankfully metal is now starting to be recognised as being the greenest substrate in use, for both packaging and products alike.

This message is now slowly filtering down to the real decision makers - the high street consumers.

The Right Triangle, below, shows the sides of 3, 4 and 5.

The angle created between the 3 (side) and the 4 (side) is the Right angle of the square.

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The Harpedonaptae were architectural specialists who were called in to lay out the foundation lines of buildings.

They were highly skilled and relied on astronomy (the stars) as well as mathematical calculations in order to form perfect square angles for each building.

The divisions between knots must be correct and equal or it will not work.