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Terribly British on the surface, remarkably European underneath, Rampling has been taking risks in her work for more than four decades, ever since she played a Gestapo victim in Luchino Visconti's 1969 film The Damned, alongside Bogarde.It opened her up to a very "different" way of making films, she says, one that was "much more to do k with the senses".

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While Rampling claims that she was "completely open" and uncensored throughout, you can't help but feel that she is fully in control.

In the opening segment, "Exposure", for example, she quite literally turns the camera on photographer Peter Lindbergh, making him pose for pictures (a unique experience for him, apparently).

It was Dirk Bogarde who famously christened Charlotte Rampling's ice-cool gaze "the look".

Even now, at 66, she has a way of transfixing you with a Medusa-like stare and sly smile that have bewitched so many men (her Stardust Memories director Woody Allen declared her "the ideal woman").

"That I've tried many times, and that I could never get to for the same reasons," she says.

"Just too personal." Five years ago, it was widely reported that Rampling signed a contract with the publisher Bloomsbury, worth a rumoured £200,000, to produce a memoir.

It's this ability to plunge far below the refined exterior that characterises her.

Think of her in François Ozon's Under the Sand (2000) as a woman whose husband goes missing; rarely has an actress given such a powerful portrait of interior grief, confusion and sorrow.

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No mention is made of her relationships – to Barnaby's father, the actor and publicist Bryan Southcombe, to whom she was briefly married, or to her second husband, the French composer Jean-Michel Jarre, a marriage that lasted 20 years and ended acrimoniously when an affair he had went public.